Locksmith Montclair NJ

Windows and Security
When you think about protecting your house against thieves or burglars, installing windows locks is perhaps the primary defense mechanism you go for. Therefore, a window without a lock is like inviting a burglar into your house. Also, the lock that is hard to find is also an invitation to thieves or burglars. This is because they assume that no lock is installed in the first place. Montclair Locksmith can install the best windows locks that keep your house safe from any burglary.

You will still come across old homes that do not have locks to windows. Montclair Locksmith has solutions even for those homes. We can retrofit old windows with a locking version that has the central catch to ensure that your windows are secure. To give you extra security, Montclair Locksmith can also add a sash stop to your windows. A sash stop uses a steel bolt that is safeguarded by a key. This enables the sash stop to ensure that an invader cannot open the window forcefully. With Montclair Locksmith sash stops, it is possible for you to keep a few inches of your windows open for ventilation.
Montclair Locksmith provides locking solutions for various kinds of windows.

Stylish Louvre windows
Even though Louvre windows are stylish, intruders can very easily slide open the glass panels. In order to prevent this, Montclair Locksmith can install an epoxy resin to fix the panels of glass. We can also provide you with a special Louvre lock specially designed for Louvre windows.
In case you have sliding windows, make sure their panels cannot be lifted out of their frame. Usually sliding windows have standard latch system, but you can also add Montclair Locksmith sash stops and clamps to give you that extra security.

Locks for casement windows
casement windows are usually hinged from one side of the window and the lock is on another side. These types of windows generally have a latch, but for added security, Montclair Locksmith recommends key locking bolts for these windows.

Locking solutions for Awning windows
As casement windows, Awning windows are also hinged from one side and locked from another. However, unlike casement windows, Awning windows open upward.Montclair Locksmith provides special security locks for Awning windows. These can be added to timber and aluminum frames.
No matter what kind of windows you have, Montclair Locksmith can provide perfect window locks for top quality security of your house. Although, in today's crime world, nobody can guarantee that you will never be attacked by thieves or burglars, we make sure we make the best standard locks and other devices to protect you. Some locksmiths may claim to provide you with very complex security system and promise that their products are superior. However, you need to be aware of these firms. They might attract you with their stylish locks, but you should also make sure these locks are effective. It often happens that even the cheaper locks are much more effective and superior than complex and expensive locks.