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Night Options

The familiar night latch will come highly recommended by your Montclair locksmith, as it the last word in security and has been in vogue for quite some time. Concurrently it continues to grow in popularity considering that it can be locked from the outside. One of the biggest drawbacks of using these night latches, as advised by your Montclair locksmith is that you risk locking yourself in!

It is advocated that you discuss this at length with your Montclair locksmith as he has all the answers for you. Finally there is more to security than just door, the window may need locks and the door may need chains in locations where security is of paramount importance.


It is more than evident then that there is more to your Montclair locksmith than just fixing locks; he is also an consultant who can help you evaluate your home security readiness and make the right choices for enhancing your security.