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As effective as it may sound, an escape plan can easily fall apart. Thus, it’s better to take precautions just in case. Besides what’s there to lose in taking some measures to ensure your and your family’s safety?


  1. Preventing fires


  • Install fire extinguishers and smoke alarms throughout your home.


  • Don’t store flammable substance in the home.


  • Inspect electrical wiring regularly.



  • Avoid using open flame sources near furniture, curtains and carpets.



  1. Preventing flooding


  • Install a sump pump.


  • Install a backflow valve.


  • Divert gutters away from home.


  • Teach your youngsters about water security.



  1. Counteracting Home Intrusion


  • Ensure that your doors are fortified to avert forced entry.


  • Install deadbolt locks on every single outer door.


  • Install bars on your windows and entryways.


  • Install an alarm on your external doors



  • Use keyless locks, particularly if you have kids, as this will keep keys from arriving up in the wrong hands.